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This is NOT meant to be mean, rude or insensative.  This is based on OUR real life experiences.   This is so that ALL involved "us, pup, and buyer" can have a positive experience and outcome.  We do not wish to place a puppy into a home with anyone that suffers from anxiety - adult or child.  People who are extremely passive and skiddish and can't be a puppy's calm and confident leader should NOT raise up a puppy.  Our puppies have done great in homes with handicapped children, children with extreme ADHD, children with Downs Syndrome, children with Autism, and children with rare physical diseases.  But we have found that adults or children with fear anxiety can lead to the puppy becoming confused or having to be "the leader" themselves.  PLEASE be honest with us if you have anyone in your household with ANXIETY.   If people with these conditions want to be a dog owner, they should seek out an already trained adult dog.  
Some people are just too timid, too passive and have too much nervousness to be able to effectively train a puppy.       

Here are some well known dog trainers and their recommendations: