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This page last updated:  January 18, 2022 
We have a couple of additions this year to our "puppy raising" roster !   We decided to add some darling "small sized" puppies to our puppy offerings since we get so many inquiries for teeny tiny Goldendoodles (which are few and far between).  So for those people that want something smaller than a Goldendoodle but yet still want a sweet, smart, non-shedding family member we have "Mae Ling and Su Shi"  sister purebred Shih Tzu's that will have "dates" with our Miniature Poodle.  Their pups are F1's, 50% & 50%.  Both of the girls are 14 lbs.  Daddy Poodle is 18 lbs.  
We currently have a tiny female puppy that was born on August 14th.  She has been Vet checked and passed all of her exams no issues.  She has the cute little underbite of the Shih Tzu.
1.  4th vaccinations have been completed !!     She is a very rare chocolate merle female and is listed at $2,500 or b.o.   https://youtu.be/U7hwrR236WU  
Please provide us with your introduction information as is requested on the "application" page if you want any further information.