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Please find our Facebook Page under Regal Kennel to find more current customer feedback and photos.   Some of the comments you will find belowwere made 5 - 10 years ago and we haven't kept this page up to date.  The facebook page comments will be more current.  


1.    Maggie is about 34 lbs and about 18” from the floor to the top of her shoulder

2.    For the times that she could not travel with us, she has made the transition to the grandparents very nicely

3.    If we are sitting on the couch watching TV… Maggie will jump up to lay her head on one of us while we watch

4.    Most days when the kids come home from school, I will let her out to greet them. As she jumps on them and licks their face it looks like a Coca Cola commercial.  Every day is another Kodak moment

5.    We also have 2 cats.  As you might expect, they did not like Maggie when she arrived, but they now sleep together on our bed

6.    I have noted that some times she is a little fussy with small children, so I make sure that I hold her if a small child approaches her.  She has not bitten anyone, but she sometimes backs away suddenly from small children

7.    We walk her about 45-60 minutes every day… she truly loves walking around the neighborhood… I have tried running with her… that has gone OK… but she prefers to walk… she is not a fast running dog

8.    When we are walking around the neighborhood, if Maggie sees another dog, she immediately will get down as low as possible with her snout between her front paws.  Then when the other dog gets close, many times she will roll over to allow the other dog to sniff her.  Most of the dog owners that I have talked to do not recall seeing a more submissive dog.

9.    When we are walking Maggie around the neighborhood, we regularly are stopped and people ask us what kind of dog we have.  I had one woman run out of her garage to ask me that question… I did not know the woman previously.  We have referred many people to your website.

10.She has only chewed up one pair of shoes, but if she does chew on something that she should not be eating, and we walk up to her saying “Maggie”… she immediately rolls over on her back in another submissive display… it really is difficult to get angry with her.

11.I have had dogs growing up, but for my wife, it is a whole new world.  Every day when she comes home from work, Maggie is either waiting for her at the door to the garage, or she runs through the house to greet her. 

12.She does not like going to get her hair cut at the Pet Clips shop… but I suspect that most dogs dislike the haircuts

13.In one odd quirk, she does not eat right away when we put food in her bowl… she lays down next to it for a while and then eats… unless one of the cats tries to eat her food, and then she responds quickly.

14.Maggie does not bark much except at any delivery person in a uniform. 

15.When no one is looking, Maggie silently walks into my daughters’ room and finds a bin of her “Webkinz” plush toys and sniffs around to find just the perfect one. She steals them, runs away, and is caught chewing on it behind the couch.

16.Regularly, my daughter and Maggie will chase each other up and down the stairs with one of her stuffed animal toys.

17.Or if one of us stops… looks at her for a few seconds.. gets into the crouch position.. and then runs up the stairs… Maggie will almost always chase us into one of the bedrooms

18.Maggie also has developed an odd habit of turning over our waste baskets to look for treasure. 

19.Many mornings, I will ask Maggie to help me wake up Blake or Taylor… she will run up to their door and patiently wait until I open it… and then she will run and jump on their beds.. and then lick them until they get up

20.If she needs to go outside to do her business, she will come and get one of us.. or if we are on the main floor… she will go sit by the sliding glass door and look at us until we let her out

21.She has far exceeded any expectations that we had for our family pet.  She is very friendly, and enjoys going with us everywhere. 

Hi Julie!  I just wanted to touch base and let you know about little Ruby Girl.  She is my baby and we are CRAZY about her.  She weighs in at 11.4 lbs. full grown and the vet adores her.  She is very healthy, aside for some seasonal alergies, and has a crooked tooth which gives her TONS of personality.  She is the best dog ever!!!  She listens very well and loves everyone (especially all of her grandperants, who treat her like one of the kids)!! She sleeps in my room at night - on her bed (or sometimes on my bed).  She is awesome!  I swear I would have 10 dogs if they could all be like her!!!  I am attaching some pics for you to see.  I think she looks so much like her dad!!!!  What do you think?  If penny and fredd-e have any more itters, please let us know.  some of our friends are interested in goldendoodles and Ruby is a love.  Have a great Christmas!!!  

Hi Julie - I've been meaning to e-mail you but I've been out of the office at home (with Ruby) on medical leave.   Ruby is the BEST puppy.  She made herself right at home on the first day.  She is so smart and easy going.   She sleeps all night next to our bed in her crate and never even whimpers when we put her in it.   She hasn't even pooped on the floor once.  Paul is going to cut his day short today so she won't have too long of a day alone.   Thanks so much, Julie.  She certainly was worth the wait.  I'll send some you some pictures soon.

Thought you might like to see our Toby, the male we picked up from you on June 8th!!
He is absolutly the best dog/companion you could ask for.  What a personality.  Every one...everyone we meet, including those who already own dogs want him!!
You got us a good one.  He's about 20 pounds right now.  We continue to feed him the same food you recommended.

Hi Julie, Just thought you might like an update on our "pooh boy" Ace.  Sorry I can't send pictures, our digital camera is broken. But Ellen took him to the vet yesterday and he now is 9 lbs and the most sociable boy ever. Ellen said he was the best behaved dog there. We taught him to sit and stay, which he learned in about 10 minutes, I'm not kidding. He is kind of a baby though about not being left alone when he knows someone is home. He likes to bark at you when you leave the room, so we're working on that. He's a great pup though, and we'll send pictures when we can.

We are having the time of our lives.  We are so happy to have Russ T.  Thank you for this great puppy!

Colleen T.

(Staci and family owns an F1b Micro Mini from a Hazel/Freddie litter and a Toy Aussiedoodle from a Pepper/Freddie litter.)
Hi Julie,
We are loving our aussiedoodle, we named him Sonic and him and Finn are sooo
similar in ways.
Finn weighs around 16lbs  and Sonic is 8lbs even. He is getting neutered tomorrow, so maybe he will fill out a little. Love him though and his blue eyes are awsome. Both eyes on the top turned brown, but since the blue is on the bottom all you see is blue.  I'm not sure why his ears go up( do you?), but they are actually cute. I've inserted a picture for you to see.   Staci

Julie,  We love our puppy.  We couldn't be happier with the choice of having an Aussiedoodle, and after having waited for so many years, we couldn't be happier.

Bella is happy, playful and so smart.  She has provided many fun moments for all of us.  We have referred you to many people and I believe one of our neighbors has contacted you or will very shortly.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.  Annette and Jerry

Here are some cute photos of Bella taken near her one year birthday.  She weighs 11 lbs and continues to be the best Pup in the world.  Now that we have her, we can't imagine life without her!  I don't know what Santa will do this year because he can't top last year's gift.


My name is Mary Jo.  We bought our micro-mini goldendoodle from you in the spring of 2008.  We absolutely love him!  We always look at puppies you have available on your website.  

Hi Julie!
Bella, our sweet Aussidoodle,  will turn 1 this Saturday, October 22nd.  She brings so much happiness to our home.  She truly is the best dog we've ever had:)  She loves to snuggle and be held.  She is about 22.5 lbs.  We love her size...just perfect!!  I have a friend who wants an aussiedoodle puppy and loves Bella so much she will only get one from you..:) Yes, she did get bigger than the 15 lb. estimation, but we are SO HAPPY with her size...she is perfect!  I tell my friends I would never get a puppy anywhere else:)


Hi Julie,

I've been meaning to email you for some time now.  Stephanie and I absolutely LOVE our doodle we got from you.  So do our kids.  She is 
an amazing family dog.  Greenley and Freddie sure produced a great dog, we think she's fully grown now at about 29 or 30lbs.

We call her Wilow Bear she has made such a wonderful addition to our family.  Having owned two Goldens in the past it's so fun to see the clear personality attributes of both a Golden and a Poodle.  MAN IS SHE SMART TOO!!!  She sheds very little and that is so awesome!!  She loves to hide bones which our Golden's never did.  


Kevin & Stephanie Crow

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to send you confirmation that we got our Mini Retriever Amber, spayed. I just wanted to give you the update on her, she is the sweetest most loveable dog ever, and I could not have asked for a better dog. She weighs in at about 15 lbs now. I have attached 2 pictures so you can see her. In the first one she looks much bigger in it than she is in real life.

Thanks again for giving us such a loving puppy! When it is time to get another dog, I will be stopping at your webpage first! 


Hi Julie – hope you are doing well!  Here is an update picture of our beloved Mini Retriever Caramel.  He is such a sweetie, we love him so much, and he & Karlee are just best friends.   Thank you!!!

Hi Julie. Our F1 Mini Goldendoodle matured to about 25 lbs. We had a golden retriever years ago so it's funny to see the similarities and differences. He's a lot more timid than the golden was. He's a little jumpy but he's been very good. The size, look and non shedding aspect our our favorite traits. He's real good with the kids and I have people asking me all the time what breed, where did you get him etc. I think that breed is a winner so far.

Hi Julie, Just wanted to up date you on how the puppy is doing.  (F2 Mini Goldendoodle)  We named him Barrett, and he is so good.  He settle in so nice here with us. We started him in puppy school every Thursday at 630 for 6weeks, He rings the bell to go outside now and he knows sit really well, Barrett is getting laying down but still needs a little work.  He is amazing with Makayla (down's syndrome), they cuddle all the time curled up watching TV every night before bed. Barrett comes with us to get her off the bus from school, he is always so excited to see her.  Thank you so much for a wonderful dog and most of all my Husband Pat loves him more than me :  ).   We will keep you updated from time to time so you can see him and know he is doing very well.  Thanks again!  Pat, Andrea and Makayla