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Our puppies are always kept current on their Parvo and Distemper vaccinations while in our care.  

Our puppies are always kept current on their Vet Exams.  They are given an initial Vet exam around 6 weeks of age and then every 30 days after that while in our care. 


Our Customers always go home with the original Vet exam document and a list of what they have had for vaccinations and dewormings. 



 What customers receive :

A written sales contract.

A puppy that has been born inside our home and raised in our home and held, loved and played with from its birth.

A puppy that has had a thorough Vet exam.

A puppy that has received top of the line brands of vaccinations, de-wormings, shampoos, nutrition and Vet care.

A puppy that has been given baths and nail trimmings.

An opportunity to see the puppy’s parents on videos.  (And sometimes even grandparents, great grandparents and even great great grandparents!!)

(most of our parent dogs have youtube videos that you can watch)

A copy of the State of Minnesota's Puppy Warranty Laws.  ( find the language here:  )

A detailed history of the puppy’s Vet visits and vaccinations and anti-parasitic regime (dewormings).

A 4 pound package of Life's Abundance food.


**All pups are left completely "natural" meaning they have their dew claws (including rear) intact and their tails are intact.  Meaning no amputations or dockings or removals of these body parts has been done.  You have the option to have any cosmetic surgery done at the time of your spay/neuter if you wish these items to be altered.**

Not all airlines will allow a puppy kit to be sent along on a flight.