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Our Mini to Medium sized Goldendoodles:   $1,500 - $2,200 for common colors typically.  Solid blacks with no white are sometimes less.  More rare colors like silver or blue merles or parti coloreds and spotteds can be $2,500 +.
Our F1b Micro Mini Goldendoodles:  $2,000 and up for common colors typically.  Rare merles or rare parti colors can be more.  
Our Mini Retrievers:  $2,000 typically, but can range up to $3,500.   Super rare tiny toy sized ones are $2,500 - $4,000 (charting to be under 25 lbs).  Some larger/over sized type puppies can be priced at $800 - $1,200 if we think they will be "oversized". 
Prices vary based on many factors including the availability, size of the litter, size and color of the puppy, time of year, and overall conformation as it relates to the purebred conformation standard. 
*** Our prices are firm.*****

When applicable we collect a .07125% MN State Sales Tax