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We don't have a "formal" application form, BUT we do require prospective puppy purchasers to provide us with some very basic information before we can answer any questions or hand out any additional information.


If you would like to get any information from us, send us an email us FIRST (send to  We will not correspond with people without having this information.  


Please provide an introduction about yourself and your family:

Include the number and ages of the family members (yes the adults and children both)

what city and state you are from,

what the earliest EXACT date you want to bring a puppy into your life,

(do NOT say "May" or "spring time" or "after MOA weekend" you need to state an EXACT Day and Month please ) 

your current or past pet ownership experience,

if you have any previous puppy training experience,

how did you hear about us ?,

 what type of home you live in (rent/own; house, apartment, etc.)

and if you have any size restrictions where you live.

does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs.

does anyone in the household suffer from anxiety or does anyone in the household have a fear of dogs.

 If you are from out of state and you wouldn't plan on driving to our home to pick up a puppy, then let us know up front what your method of transportation would be.    


Feel free to share any other additional information about yourselves that you think would help us get to know you.