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State of MN License:  #411422

Do you have the big heart and nice setting to give to one of our transitioning dogs ?   On occasion we will have an adult dog to place into a pet home.  These dogs are most typically 1 to 5 years old and were most typically born and raised here, although some can be up to 8 years of age.  Some may have never had any puppies for us and some may have had several litters.  We get them spayed and neutered prior to being placed.  We usually charge a fee that would cover the cost of that surgery and a little more at times, that fee being $400 - $600.  We like people to live within 3-4 hours of our home.  We do not like to ship our adult dogs.  We prefer homes with homeowners, not renters.  We prefer homes with another dog in the household.  We prefer homes with children over the age of 8.  We prefer homes with experienced dog owners, not first time dog owners.  We prefer homes with a fenced yard.  These dogs would require training and patience while they transition from their farm/kennel/dog/breeder lifestyle here into a "pet" home lifestyle.  They are typically very nervous for the first week, month or more.  Our female dogs are typically crate trained and leash broke.  Our male dogs are not house or crate trained.  May or may not be leash trained.  All dogs would need to be obedience trained.  It is always very difficult for us to make the final decision to place one of our dogs into a new home.  But we are dedicated to continuing on in the development of our breeds and so need to continue the bloodlines on into the next generations.  At our home/farm our's and our dog's lives are very simple and are very routine 7 days a week.  To uproot a dog from our quiet lifestyle to place them into a home with strangers that takes them away from our family members and all if the other dogs they have been hanging out with for years is quite a shock to them.  Their new owners can have NO expectations of them at all.  Here is a video of what part of their day and lifestyle is like with us:  
This page was last updated  September 15, 2020
Available Now/Soon:

Star - available for our foster to own program to have one or two more litters.  30 ish lbs.  Active girl that would like an active family.
Lolli - will be available for our foster to own program to have one more litter.  She is 36 lbs. Low key

Projected Dogs Available late in the year of 2021:

DO NOT ASK ABOUT THESE DOGS listed below just yet.  This information is only posted because many people ask "what dogs will you be retiring next".  WE DO NOT KNOW exactly "WHEN" they will be ready and we do not want to line up their homes ahead of time.  You can certainly send an introduction email, but we do not want to take time conversing about these dogs until such time as we know when they can leave.  NO we don't know "approximately" when they will be ready either.  So this information is just to appease people's curiosity, not to start a process of rehoming at this time.  
Here is a list of potential dogs retiring between this page's update date and December 1, 2021:

Mini Golden: 
There will be NO Goldendoodles retiring in 2021.