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AS OF JULY 2022 - our Foster to Own program has been put on hold.  We are not accepting any new applicants for this program at this time. 
The Basic Requirements to be able to be considered to participate in this program are:
1.  Must live within 1 1/2 hours of Elk River, MN.
2.  Must own your own home.
3.  Preference is for people to have prior dog ownership experience.
4.  Preference is for there to be a physically fenced yard. 
This program is typically only for female Miniature Retrievers.  
Basic expenses such as food and vaccinations are covered by the Breeder/Owner.
Dog ownership is transferred to the Foster Family when the contracted fir number of litters has been met (we are only placing female dogs in this program).
Dogs must come back to our home for 1 week for mating during her heat cycle and then come back 2 months later for delivery and nursing of puppies and stay with us 6 - 8 weeks at that time.
Dogs then go back to their Foster home when the puppies have been weaned.  Fosters will be allowed to visit once a week for 1/2 hour each while our dog is with us raising her litter.  So you get to see the babies grow up.   
Fosters will be paid a small fee for each litter produced, as well as be offered a discount if they would like to be able to purchase one of the puppies.
$400 initial program fee.  At the end of the contract, Breeder will pay for the spay surgery.  Or if no puppies are ever born, the new owners will pay for the spay surgery.  
As of July 2022 this program is only for adult dogs.  No puppies will be put into the program.  
Date:  January 20, 2024   Dogs available for this program are: 
a.  MoMo  a 30 lb. Petite Goldendoodle - gorgeous silver merle.  See her in this video:   
b.  Angel  a 45 lb. purebred Golden Retriever - very light in color.   See her in this video:   
c.  Star   a 35 lb. Miniature Golden Retriever - red golden.  See her in this video: